What People Need to Know about Abortion

The entire world has always been arguing about the issue of abortion. It is a problem which indirectly concerns different parts of human life. It encompasses the issue of life, morality, religion, politics, and even science. Indeed, abortion is truly one universal topic which everyone should take part in.

H8MIaOtThere is an endless list on how abortion is interpreted by people. First, for the religious people, abortion is one mortal sin which is even worse than murder as you are ending a life which has not even started yet. Second, for the feminists, it is a legal and a logical right which every woman in the world should have. According to them, if men can choose to disown a child, and so can women. They insist that women should have the entire autonomy over their life. Third, for the politicians, it is one issue of legalization which can determine the image of their nation and also the future of their population. These are but some of the perspectives of the people to the issue of abortion. All these definitions are nowhere near what abortion really means for the person who undergoes it.

Abortion is not just a simple topic. It signifies the end of life of an infant, while another person, specifically the mother, tries to continue hers by avoiding the possible repercussions of her pregnancy. This issue is often associated with the problem of pre-marital sex which often leads to unwanted teenage pregnancy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s statistics about reproductive health (http://www.cdc.gov/reproductivehealth/data_stats/), a total of 765,651 people committed abortion for the year 2010. Somehow, the growing rate of abortion goes proportional to the over-all statistics of unwanted teenage pregnancy. The figures concluded that 69% of teenagers ranging from 15-17 years old experience unwanted teenage pregnancy which later on results to abortion.

Abortion_20120203083519In spite of the idea of abortion’s universality, it still remains to be an option that people can actually say no to. Abortion will always be just an option. It has never been a mandatory resort. Everyone has the capacity to decline it and continue on with the process of pregnancy regardless of the possible consequences and hardships associated with it.

Furthermore, even unwanted pregnancy itself can be avoided. You can choose to live a life of chastity, or you can simply practice safe sex. Due to the modernity of the world, people are given lots of choices when it comes to safe sex. They can now choose from using condoms, intake of reproductive health pills, or even undergoing a clinical surgery which may prevent pregnancy. The development of the reproductive health system of the world is gradually improving, which means that abortion can already be prevented.

Indeed, abortion is one universal issue which everyone should be knowledgeable about. However, people can still put an end to it if only they would take the time to understand its repercussions and implications. The key to avoiding the need for abortion is responsible sexual behavior.